Corrugated plastic is tough, waterproof, and dent resistant. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor signs. It is very lightweight, so installation is a snap. 

 Corrugated Plastic
 Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
 Easily moved or relocated
 Short Term Durability
 Semi-Solvent Printed or Vinyl Lettering

Custom yard signs are intended for a short to mid-term usage.

Custom yard signs are easy to set-up and require minimal installation. When used with a wire stake, the top stakes will slide in-between the corrugated ridges of the sign, while the bottom stakes push into the ground. Since coroplast is lightweight, these custom yard signs can be used virtually anywhere. When not in use, store these signs flat to avoid warping.

Custom yard signs are generally used outside. They are most commonly used in conjunction with wire stakes, making them easy to place and simple to move.  These are terrific for directional signage at street corners, inexpensive announcement signs, open house signs or any other time you want to announce a special event.

When used outside, it is best to use a minimum of information on your custom yard sign so that passing traffic can easily read your sign. In addition to uses such as political or campaign signs, promotional signage, or directional signage, custom yard signs are ideal for service companies to place outside a job site when working. They provide an affordable alternative for real estate or rental companies to use instead of the traditional metal signs, while still providing a double-sided sign that is highly visible.


Custom yard signs are an inexpensive way to get your outdoor message across or when you need to advertise in different locations. Since the signs are reusable and easy to store, custom yard signs are great for recurring events or as moveable job site signs. Using custom yard signs to get your message out in a variety of locations can provide a very affordable way to market your business.

Custom yard signs are constructed of 4mm corrugated plastic with cut vinyl or adigital print. While your design options are virtually unlimited with our full-color digital prints, it is best to use a design that can be quickly seen, read and understood by passing traffic. If the sign is too busy or has too much information it will be difficult to read and cut down on the effectiveness of your custom yard sign.

When designing your custom yard sign you must first choose whether it will be a one-sided or two-sided sign. Think about where you will be placing your custom yard signs and whether it will be visible to traffic traveling both ways at a particular location.

Once you have determined whether your custom yard sign will be one or two sided, you will next need to decide whether to use one-color, two colors or a full color digital print. One-color custom yard signs are the least expensive option, but can limit the effectiveness of your message. Two-color custom yard signs can give you better design options when using only text or simple graphics on your sign.

The last color option for your custom yard sign is a full color digital print. While this is the most expensive of your printing options, it will allow you to use full color backgrounds, photographs and art that cannot be created in one or two color vinyl custom yard signs.

When the design for your custom yard sign is complete, you will need to consider whether to order wire stakes with your sign. Wire stakes are used to place your custom yard sign in the ground. The top of the wire stakes will insert into the ridges of the corrugated plastic, while the bottom is easily pushed into the ground. If you are planning on using your custom yard sign outdoors, wire stakes are the easiest way to mount your sign.

Custom yard signs are commonly used for political or campaign signs, but real estate agents will find that custom yard signs can provide an affordable alternative to traditional metal real estate signs. Other uses include promotional signage, directional signs or any type of announcement signage.

Custom yard signs are also a great marketing tool for contractors, plumbers, heating and cooling companies, and other service industries to use while working on a job site. Simply place your custom yard sign in the yard while you are on-site, then pack it up when the job is complete to use at your next location.

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